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CoMHWA Peer Supervision

Peer group Supervision and individual Peer Supervision is intended to provide informal, reciprocal assistance with group (staff) members’ professional concerns.

CoMHWA provides Peer Supervision throughout Western Australia to individuals and organisations for members of the Peer Workforce to confidentially discuss their Peer role, as well as provide a safe space for co-reflection of Peer values.

If you are interested in accessing our Peer Supervision services, please contact us via

CoMHWA’s Peer Supervisors

Hanna Zurub

Hanna (she/her) was born in Boorloo (Perth), to Lebanese/Irish parents and has grown up travelling to many different places but feels most at home walking the banks of Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River).  She pays respects to Elders past & present.  Hanna loves being a busy mum, running a neurodiverse household to three beautiful children and in her spare time enjoys running and gardening.

Hanna currently holds roles of Peer Workforce Development Coordinator at CoMHWA and the Mental Health Lived Experience Peer Coordinator at South Metro Health Service. She is passionate about social justice & inclusion within mental health / peer spaces.  Hanna has 20 years of experience in clinical and non-clinical spaces and brings a wealth of lived experience expertise around mental health, AOD, FDV and the Justice system. She spends a great deal of time in Peer Workforce Development, educating and training Health Service Providers and Organisations to embed peer work into the sector, on a state-wide level throughout WA.  As a result of this, Hanna is keenly aware of the challenges which both peer workers and organisations experience within collaborative partnerships which often hold diverse perspectives.

Hanna’s authentic and down-to-earth approach provides a unique and safe space which is flexible and person centered.  Hanna is easy to talk to and builds natural connections with anyone who meets her.  Within her role as a Peer Supervisor, she explores positionality and practice with curiosity, kindness, and courage.  Using her deeply compassionate nature, Hanna harnesses the power of her listening skills to be fully present through her high attunement to non-verbal cues. Hanna is a strong advocate for First Nations Peoples and the LGBTQIA+ community and stands in solidarity, against oppression and privilege.

Dr Mad Magladry

Dr Mad Magladry (they/them) is a Systemic Advocate at CoMHWA and focuses in their role on addressing power imbalances that exist across and between systems. Although they are relatively new to peer work, they have years of experience working in mental health and queer advocacy spaces from a research perspective as well as a background in peer mentorship and academic supervision. Mad strongly believes in values of equity, mutuality, and learning, and tries to translate these values into a supervision practice that emphasises listening, self-reflection, and curiosity. Outside of work, Mad appreciates quiet activities like embroidery, weaving and swimming.

Dr Melissa Russell

Dr Melissa Russell (she/her) is the Manager of the Peer Pathways program at CoMHWA, which provides Peer service navigation for people seeking support for mental health and wellbeing. Though newer to Mental Health Peer Work, Melissa has many years of experience working in research, evaluation and advocacy with Peer-led organisations working in mental health, LGBTIQA+ health and social inclusion, sexual health, and prevention of violence against women. She has an academic and research background with a special interest in ethics and brings a keen desire for continuous learning to her work. Melissa holds dear values of social justice, accountability, and mutuality, aiming to embed these in Peer Supervision through a framework encouraging self-reflection and critical thinking about received truths. Melissa is a devoted cat mum whose favourite things are reading, taking naps, and collecting basketball cards.

Vince Alessandro

Vince (he/him) has over ten years’ experience working in community-based services and has been working in the Lived Experience space for 5 years. He is currently the ASPIRE Project Manager at Consumers of Mental Health WA, working to develop and strengthen the Peer Workforce across Western Australia.  Vince strongly believes that Lived Experience professionals should be valued at all levels of service provision and be able to work in a safe and supportive environment. He strongly values ‘Compassion’ and ‘Authenticity’ and aims to embody these in his Peer Supervision approach. Please remind him to take his ear buds out, as he almost always has music playing in one ear.

Tyr Berkana

Tyr (they/them) is an independent Peer Worker with over 5 years experience in the public support sector, having a background in both frontline peer work (emergency departments, transitional housing and supported accommodations) and office-based peer roles in education and training. Tyr’s work history has provided space for connections with a diverse range of people from all ages, and experience of life, however Tyr is most familiar with experiences surrounding; drug and alcohol dependence, LGBTQIA+ supports, grief transition & neurodivergence in the workplace. 

Tyr is passionate about working with Peers in developing strong, balanced, and sustainable Peer Work practices that are inspired by their personal values and capacity, which ultimately contributes to the longevity of the Peer Workforce and future of community care. 

Trish Tran

Trish (she/her) was born in the QLD outback country and has five siblings. Trish sees herself as a “city girl” but loves the sounds of birds and cold brisk mornings. Trish is a mother of four adult children and a grandmother of three amazing humans! Trish loves learning and is constantly self-reflecting on her own behaviours as well as deconstructing the world around her. Noticing the little details, and being a highly attuned and compassionate listener, Trish believes that words are our second language.

In Trish’s own words, “I and we first communicate through feelings and non-verbal mechanisms, so it is important to me that in the Peer Supervision space that I listen with my whole body and not just my ears. What you get when you connect with me is my unwavering belief that all people matter and are deserving of respect.”

P.S.  Trish shares her house and heart with a one-year Russian Blue who is the world’s fussiest cat!

Renai Buchanan

Renai Buchanan (she/her) embodies authenticity and down-to-earth connection. She has 16 years experience contributing to the leadership, advocacy, education and Peer Support provided across queer, sex work, chronic health, disability, neurodiversity and mental health spaces. She has been a passionate advocate for change, leveraging her chaotic experiences to fuel her passion for transforming systems and creating more equitable environments.

Renai approaches supervision with a deep commitment to exploring multiple truths and fostering compassionate understanding. She strives to create a space that enables collaborative learning, critical reflection and encourage open dialogue and growth. Renai is committed to creating inclusive environments and promoting intersectionality and accessibility. She values honesty, transparency, mutuality, and self-reflection, instilling these principles in her supervision practice.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Renai finds joy in spending time with her loved ones, including her wife and two young children, likely surrounded by Lego, lullabies and laundry.

Peer Supervision Training

In 2022, CoMHWA developed a pilot training program for Peer Consumer Workforce Supervision. This project, funded by the WA Mental Health Commission has now successfully trained over 15 Peers to provide Peer-to-Peer, discipline specific supervision for mental health consumers in the WA Peer Workforce.

Reflective Practice Peer Supervision is a collaborative reflection which seeks to explore and increase a Peer Worker’s unconscious drivers behind actions (thoughts, feelings, values, assumptions etc). It encourages reflection and thoughts about what happened, decisions that were made, actions that were taken and the consequences of those decisions and actions. Central to reflective practice supervision is the mutual exploration of feelings, values, and judgments etc. which arise and influence actions and perceptions. Ultimately, reflective practice enables a Peer Worker to lean into discomfort as well as make more informed decisions which influence their work.

Please contact us to find out more about our Peer Supervision services, or our Peer Supervision Training via

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